Personal concierge, anyone?

From November 9th, 2010
Imagine the genie in the lamp comes to life. You’re the master, but instead of a real giant bowing before you, there is a company that grants you much more than the three legendary wishes. In other words, you can now have all of your feasible dreams come to reality. That’s what Le Concierge SF does. Because making wishes come true is their business.

In fact, Le Concierge SF’s services can truly reach that far. Just use your imagination and picture what you have been craving for a long time. Or simply identify your most pressing needs and how you desire you had someone to lend you that helping hand.

For instance, you are a busy executive who works late hours and you don’t have the time or the patience to buy Christmas gifts, wrap them, send out cards, and all the hassles involved in it. Leave your worries to Le Concierge SF’s staff and enjoy your scarce and precious free time. Relocating or moving? Your concerns to pack and unpack your belongings are a thing of the past. Le Concierge SF will even organize your new house for you. Need some healthy meals? Your personal chef is on his way!

Just like a regular hotel concierge, Le Concierge SF is also a concierge service provider, however their services are tailored to each client’s need and can be offered while you stay at the comfort of your home or even at your office. To hire Le Concierge SF, just call them or send an e-mail. That’s how easy it gets.

Le Concierge SF’s founder Silvia Oppenheim’s intention is to simplify her clients’ lives so that they can have more time to enjoy themselves with family and friends. In short, Le Concierge SF’s was envisioned to improve your lifestyle while providing you leeway to focus on your other personal or business needs.

Oppenheim’s valuable years of hospitality experience managing private estates for Fortune 500 clients and high profile accounts at the Ritz-Carlton make these things possible as she decided to dive into her passion for personal service and launched Le Concierge SF.

However, if you believe that Le Concierge SF is merely a luxury service provider, think again. Just as a virtual fairy godmother, Oppenheim also thought about offering essential services to those who truly need them, such as elderly people returning to their homes from the hospital or patients that require special diets like gluten or lactose free meals.

Corporate clients also receive their share of attention. Le Concierge SF’s staff is comprised of renowned event planners and personal chefs that cater to any type of event: from year-end corporate parties to non-profit fundraisers. As a matter of fact, Oppenheim dedicates part of her time to volunteering and raising funds for civic causes like Relay for Life and Healing Achieved Through Smiles (H.A.T.S.).

Now that you know that a prodigal genie in the lamp exists (,) it is time to think of all the things you ever wanted to do and reclaim your life. Le Concierge SF’s staff will be there at your command.


Priscila Scettrini

San Jose City Buzz Examiner