A Personal Chef Who Cooks Organically? It’s True!

Private & Personal San Francisco Chef Cooks Organically Delicious

When you use the Le Concierge SF to prepare meals for you, you get the unique pleasure of enjoying a completely customized, expertly-prepared meal in the comfort of your home without having to lift a finger. After a consultation to determine your tastes, dietary needs and goals, and budget, the Le Concierge SF shops, prepares, packages, and delivers meals prepared to your exact specifications. You enjoy. If you see a recipe in the Sunday Times that you’d like to have, just send it over – the Le Concierge SF will take care of the rest.

Using the Le Concierge SF to prepare meals for you provides the following benefits:

  • Personal health. Meals prepared by the Le Concierge SF will always use the best all-natural, organic ingredients. And meals can be prepared for any specific dietary requirements and goals. If you’re looking to lose weight, reduce sugar, or simply to eat more healthily, the Le Concierge SF makes it easy.
  • Simplicity and convenience. You call. Meal arrives. That’s it. Whether it’s food for the night or the month, for two people or ten. The meals you want. In the comfort of your own home.
  • The environment. All ingredients produced without chemicals or hormones. No factory-farmed meats. Everything sourced locally and regionally when possible. We’ll even pick up the packaging for re-use.

What could be finer? Contact the Le Concierge SF today and experience the pleasures of gourmet in-home dining.