Moving services

Moving to a new home or office is a great feeling, but the process can be tiring and stressful and for some, just thinking about it gives them the chills! Now what if you could snap your fingers and see all your things put away in their proper places in your  new place? We make that happen! 

We start by helping you go through your things and putting aside what you no longer use, want or need.  We'll assist you selling,  taking those to donation stations or hauling for disposal.  Once we get that sorted out, we will then proceed to:

  • Packing: Labeling, cataloged by room in professional packing materials
  • Managing the move
  • Unpacking: Per your request, things will be put away where they belong
  • Removing all packing material

Let Le Concierge SF take care of your move from start to finish, and feel the bliss of walking into your new place. Welcome home!  Schedule a free 30 minute professional concierge consultation today.