About Silvia Oppenheim

After years of hospitality experience managing high profile accounts  at the Ritz-Carlton and managing private Estates for Fortune 500 clients, I  decided to take up the challenge and switched gears into Commodity Trading. Upon acquiring the knowledge, succeeding in international transactions and absorbing all I thought possible, I found myself missing what I am truly passionate about: Personal Service.

In 2009, I combined all my experience and know-how to create Le Concierge SF.

At Le Concierge SF, our mission is to empower  our clients in reclaiming their lives.  By having one or a combination of our trusted professionals tackle your endless to-do lists, professionally organizing your home and office, managing your agenda and calendars, we allow you to spend your free time, doing what’s really important.

How would you feel to come home to a neat nest, know that everything is taken care of and know that, for once and for all, you can live the life you deserve.

Let us be your extra pair of hands or that 25th hour you’ve been dreaming of!

Kindest regards,